Leading the community to be always ahead

Leading the community to be always ahead

To be the largest consortium of most sought after educational institutions in India.

To Provide strategic leadership to all member institutions to become centre of excellence through comprehensive educational policies,standards, publications, organisational development, collaboration ,technology integration, research and development.







Professional Educators




Reinventing School Education

School Mentoring

It provides time-bound monitoring and guidance to all the member schools to help them keep ahead of the curve.

Curriculum Development

IAME is very much in the field, updating and upgrading the curriculum in conjunction with the latest advancements based on critical pedagogy. It provides a comprehensively covered curriculum in all subjects to unleash the maximum potential of the teacher.

School Consultation

Being a multi-faceted organisation in the educational scenario for a period of two decades, IAME has been in the vanguard of providing legal, institutional and managerial consultations to the member schools to ensure their smooth functioning.

Professional Development

To facilitate an appropriate environment to deliver quality education, teachers are required to ensure timely professional training. IAME has been conducting workshops to hone the professional competence of teachers.

Community Engagement

Serving as a hub for community activities and events, such as parenting orientation, workshops, and cultural gatherings. Providing adult education and lifelong learning programs for community members.

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Ideal Association for Minority Education (IAME)

Ideal Association for Minority Education (IAME) is a confederation of more than 400 English medium schools run by the managements of minority communities in India. It is a registered body under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. The main motive behind the formation of this confederation is to play a pivotal role in the social and educational transformation through systematic and quality educational programmes. The singular objective of this consortium is uplifting communities at the grassroots through socio- educational programmes. Right from the beginning IAME has been in the vanguard of school education as an umbrella body playing a pivotal role in empowering schools by raising the bar of quality in their overall performance and helping them in their quest to be on par with 21st century schools. The schools affiliated to IAME follow CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, NIOS or various State curriculum..

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Our Publications



By delivering quality training packages we can help your work force to push the limit of their potential to be POSITIVELY DIFFERENT…


IAME would like to travel with the changing times. We always keep updating and upgrading, revisiting and revamping our projects and programmes....


IAME holds conferences for Principals, Management of schools from time to time to get them to be abreast with changing trends and breakthroughs...

Special Education

Services and programs designed to meet the needs of students with disabilities or special learning needs, including individualized education plans (IEPs), specialized instruction, and support services.

STEM Education

Programs emphasizing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, with hands-on activities, project-based learning, and opportunities for exploration and innovation.

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Vocational training programs preparing students for careers in various fields such as healthcare, information technology, engineering, culinary arts, and automotive technology.

Extracurricular Activities

Clubs, sports teams, academic competitions, and other extracurricular programs that provide students with opportunities for personal growth, leadership development, and social interaction.

Parent and Community Engagement

Initiatives to involve parents, families, and community members in the educational process, including parent-teacher organizations, family workshops, and community events.

Early Childhood Education

Programs for young children, including preschool and kindergarten, focusing on early literacy, numeracy, social skills, and emotional development.

Our Events


IAME Artorium is aimed to promote and develop arts activities and curricula in the member schools. First of its kind was...

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Athletic Meet

Athletic meets stand as dynamic gatherings where the pulse of competition beats in rhythm with the aspirations of athlet...

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Stemsorica stand as vibrant crucibles where young minds converge to explore, experiment, and innovate. ...

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Kerala School Parliament

Kerala School parliament serves as dynamic simulation where participants engage in the intricacies of parliamentary proc...

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Lingua Fiesta – English Fest

Lingua Fiesta – English Fest serve as vibrant celebrations of language, literature, and culture, bringing together ent...

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Amigos Kids Fest

Amigos Kids fest stand as vibrant celebrations of childhood, providing young participants with opportunities for fun, le...

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Light Upon Light

It's yet another standalone project hosted by IAME with a view to fostering Quranic values and instilling the Love of Qu...

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State Chess Championship

Chess, often referred to as the "game of kings," stands as a testament to human intellect, strategy, and foresight. Beyo...

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Badminton promotes physical fitness and well-being. The sport demands quick movements, reflexes, and endurance, leading ...

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State Kho Kho Championship

The Kho Kho championship stands as the pinnacle of this beloved sport, bringing together the finest athletes from across...

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Football Championship

Football championships stand as exhilarating showcases of athletic prowess and team spirit, bringing together athletes,...

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iSET Grand Finale

iSET Grand Finale serve as invaluable platforms for fostering learning, enhancing critical thinking skills, and promotin...

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