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The ways and means of education have changed over the years though the end has remained the same. An education that is empowering and educating the young minds, has to evolve, sustain, empower and fulfil the ever changing needs of society. IAME is driven by the vision and mission of being a knowledge organization and move forward in the publishing sector as well. IAME is racing ahead with a mission of pioneering innovative publications in schools segment, catering the needs and requirements of 21st century schooling.


Pearls & Buds is an innovative, inventive, research-based, comprehensive courseware designed for buds to give them a flying start and take them for flights of fancy. Integrated Course Book Dynamic Activity Books for Three Terms Skill Based Activity Sheets (60 No’s) Unique Activity Kit for Joyful Learning Animated DVD Assessment Report for Comprehensive Evaluation Detailed Teacher Hand Book Periodical Supportive Training for Teachers Nurture and enhance the talents acquired through learning scientific, mathematical and social aptitudes and observing skills towards the betterment of the self and the society Practice and implement all the scientific, mathematical and social skill in the day-to-day life. Nurture experimental sense and spirit of inquiry. To enhance the instinctive skills of students Acquire knowledge on relationships between human being and his environment and understand the methodology to do so. Analyze the current affairs in the light of past experiences and make them useful for the upcoming generations. Enable the students to make great achievements in science, technology, mathematics and social science in future


IVY Kids is a highly result-oriented series of books for kindergartners to learn how to communicate in English. Kids are introduced to the essential words and usages in English in a spirit of fun as they progressively flip through the pages.


Bul Bul is an easy to use material developed by ECCE department of Edufy publications for the pre primary learners to master the basics of Arabic language. It focuses on a progressive and fund filled Learning experience in the early years of schooling. This series will help early learners to acquire the basic literacy skills of Arabic language.


Oonjal is a well-researched Malayalam text book designed for kindergartners. The lessons in the textbook lay the foundation for nurturing creativity at the formative stage which in turn will help conserve linguistic heritage.


It is a well integrated semester series for grades I to V. It is the first and foremost pace of Edufy publications to the cosmic realm of Semester series. It complies with the principles of NCF 2022 that emphasizes learning without burden and to have an integrated approach in the treatment of various disciplines. This approach integrates multiple intelligences and brain based tactic applied in classrooms. The contents flow from non to unknown, simple to complex and concrete to abstract this approach will make learning a joyful experience and prevent the extra stress of learning. The concepts are reinforced through illustrations, activities, flowcharts and tables. This series comprises of two semester books each for grade I to V The core subjects included in grades I & II are English and Mathematics. For other grades, EVS and social Studies are included.


It's a much sought-after series of books designed and developed for enabling and empowering children from I to VIII Grade in their mother tongue, Malayalam in the Macro Skills . Its approach is distinct, different and child friendly


This series comprises of five line copy books for grade I to V for Malayalam copy writing. This series help the younger student to better their hand writing in the early years of schooling.


Learners fall in love with every lesson in Hindi when they flip through Gulzar. Gulzar consists of a course book, work book and teachers handbook for Grade VI, VII and VIII. The books are packed with lessons to understand Hindi language with its true spirit


Learning a national language other than mother tongue has great significance in an increasingly hyper connected world today. Ankur consists of a well-researched course book, work book and teachers hand book designed for students from 1st to 8th Grade to help them learn Hindi language in a fun-filled way.


This series comprises of five line copy books for grade I to V for Hindi copy writing. This series help the younger student to better their hand writing in the early years of schooling.


Living up to the adage that 'if you don't update you'll be outdated', Update is technology driven Information Technology text book to orient children from the III to VIII Grade. Update helps children to acquire computer knowledge including artificial intelligence.


IT GLITZ computer science series is designed with a concept of familiarizing students of primary to secondary level with the world of computer. The syllabus is inconsistent with the latest trends in Information Technology including artificial Intelligence and coding and caters to the needs of students in the field of computer learning at par to their age and level of schooling. This series is practical oriented, thought provoking and with funny exercises at the end of each chapter.


Smart Hand is a cursive writing series for English language for grade I to V. This series help the younger student to better their hand writing artistically in the early years of schooling.


My pic Book Series of Drawing and colouring book for grade I to V is intended to develop the drawing skill and colouring sense of young students.This books give the students a taste of pencil drawing , water colour , oil painting, gluing and paper collage activity.

Junior School PRE KG

Experience the magic of learning that transcends traditional boundaries. Join us on an adventure where education meets imagination, shaping young minds for a future full of possibilities.

Twinkle Tots - (Pre KG - UKG)

- Joyful learning - Inclusiveness - Emergent Literacy - Authentic assessment - Exploration and Innovation - Creativity and collaboration

Dazzle Tots - Semester Series

• Based on Constructivist pedagogy and Cognitive Interactionist Approach • Child centered, interactive and child friendly • Teaching learning focuses on 5 Es (Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend or Elaborate and Evaluate) • Provides holistic linguistic experience • Focuses on process skill such as observation, data collection, comparison, classification, experimentation analysis and interpretation and drawing of conclusion • Prepared by a team of well experienced experts from SCERT, DIETs, BRCs, School teachers, artists, designers and IAME academic group

Nazaara - Hindi Series

Based on NEP 2020 and NCF 2023 Child-Centred Learning Process based on Constructivist Paradigm Emphasise on Various Learning Outcomes Learning Activities Lead to SDGs Learner-Friendly Attractive Content Activites based on Learning without Burden A Variety of Curious and Graded Lessons Emphasises on Functional Grammar Continuous Evaluation Text cum Workbook

Techie Tots - IT Series

Based on Windows 11 and Office 2019 AI integrated curriculum Computational Thinking & Coding Cyber ethics/ wisdom Board Games & Fun activities Lab activities & Platform Critical thinking and art integrated Self-assessment and project works Model assessment papers Cyber olympiad model paper Well designed topics and illustration Textbook based software package and animated videos