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Kerala School Parliament

Kerala School parliament serve as dynamic forums where students engage in democratic processes, voice their concerns, and contribute to the governance of their educational institutions. Beyond mere deliberations and debates, these assemblies embody a multitude of objectives aimed at empowering students, fostering leadership skills, promoting civic engagement, and cultivating a culture of responsibility and accountability.Kerala School parliament serves as dynamic simulation where participants engage in the intricacies of parliamentary procedures, debate pressing issues, and craft legislative solutions. Beyond the mere enactment of legislative processes, these simulations embody a multitude of objectives aimed at fostering democratic values, enhancing civic literacy, promoting critical thinking, and cultivating effective communication skills.Furthermore, Kerala School parliament serve as platforms for fostering critical thinking and analytical skills. Through debates, discussions, and the crafting of legislation, participants learn to analyze complex issues, evaluate evidence, and articulate persuasive arguments. By engaging in rigorous deliberation and constructive dialogue, participants develop the ability to weigh competing interests and make informed decisions—a skill set essential for active citizenship in a democratic society.