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General Education

It’s the cardinal part of IAME that monitors the whole part of the academic activities. Here are the major deeds of the academic department:

I. Academic Calendar

An academic calendar is the basic tool for running any academic activities. Hence, the academic department prepares a full-fledged academic calendar for the whole academic year and makes it available to the schools well in advance to the commencement of the new academic year. The calendar includes the entire curricular and co-curricular activities scheduled for the particular year as well as it marks the holidays and features of special days on monthly basis.

II. Breakups of Syllabus

Apart from the preparation of the entire textbooks, the department duly prepares the breakups of syllabus on a monthly basis for each textbook and makes it available to the schools as a year plan for the whole year during the month of May – very prior to the beginning of the academic year.

III. Textbooks Monitoring

The curriculum, lesson grid, content, alignment with NCF and NEP, Cultural aspects, Social harmony, National integration, and the teaching strategies of the books are monitored by the same department along with the subject experts and academic council of IAME.

IV. Subject Training

IAME Academic Department makes sure the proper training for each subject by very expert trainers and makes the teachers well-fit for handling the desired classroom practices.

V. Question Papers

It prepares the Question Papers for various examinations during the whole academic year. It provides Term I, Term II, and Annual Exam Question Papers to the State Board Schools and Mid-terminal and Annual Exam Question Papers to the CBSE Schools.

VI. Subject Groups

Academic department also manages the subject groups of teachers where the teachers can raise queries and ask for supports as they need for any assistance or support materials. Every doubt can be solved through these subject groups. Every subject has a particular WhatsApp group, and the subject teachers can join the group and get their doubts solved within no time.

VII. Instant On-Call Support

Academic Depart provides the number for contacting the same regarding the academic concerns like Academic Calendar, Year Plan, Breakups of Syllabus, Exam Patterns, Question Papers, Doubts in the Textbooks, Teaching Strategies, Holidays, etc.