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Devop is a complete educational institution management system with transparency among students, teachers and parents. It's a platform, leveraging the advanced online technologies with primary focus on the ease of use. Our bottom approach helps cater the needs of the management as well as the students. The platform has the most sophisticated admin control panel that enables a wide range of features and aspects. We plan to implement predictive analytics for our product, to improve user engagement in coming update. DEVOP is available in Web, Android and iOS applications.

Features of Devop

1. Brisk Admission Modes

Offers an Incredible advanced svstem with Online and Manual option, for your Admission Management, which acts as an all-in-one platform, designed to help vou scale.

2. Complete institution Under Your Control

By combining various modules, admin performs different management tasks from institution to class, admissions to alumni, assessment to student analytics, and Teacher to Student/Parent communication. Thus the Admin acts as an ultimate power agent to the system. The Application helps you to swiftly manage all cross channel or departmental activities by simplifying the workflow.

3. Easy handling of workload with a Personalised work desk

Personalised experience for Students/ Parents and Staff members with their own work desks to do special tasks scheduled to them.

4. E-Learning: Learn anywhere at any time

We made learning as simple and fun oriented, with the promising and advanced technologies implementation, through platforms for Live video classes, Recorded classes as well as Multiple Study Materials and an enriched Question Pool setup,